10 tips on how to apply perfume so it will last longer

Feb 02, 2022

10 tips on how to apply perfume so it will last longer

When you want to buy a perfume, you always want it to last for as much time as possible. The reality is that it can take a bit of a trial and error to figure out how to increase the lifespan of your perfumes. With that in mind, here you have some tips and tricks that might help you boost the power of your perfume, sometimes even for the entire day.


1.    Take a bath/shower and then dry off your skin

The reason why your perfume will last longer is because the human skin absorbs perfume a lot better when you have pores open and the skin is very warm. Keep in mind that you should go for a hot shower and then apply your perfume, as that’s what will give you the best results.

2.    Apply it on the right pulse points

These are points on your body that are warm and which keep the perfume for longer. Some of these pulse points include your neck, collarbones, chin, or inner elbows. You can also apply perfume at the top of the ears, shoulder blades, chest and so on.

3.    Don’t rub the perfume on your skin after you sprayed it

Why is this important? When you rub it, you end up ruining the power of your perfume. This means the overall lifespan of your perfume will be a lot shorter, and that’s certainly something to keep in mind.

4.    Avoid adding perfume on your clothes first

What you want to do is to spray the perfume on your skin, and then you can put on your clothes. It’s a very good idea to do this because the perfume reaches your pulse points, and it will last for a lot more time.

5.    Comb perfume in your hair

This helps quite a bit, mainly because it’s porous and it holds the perfume for a lot more time. However, only certain types of perfume work here, mostly the water-based perfumes as well as perfume oil.

6.    Moisturise your skin before applying perfume

Ideally, you want to use unscented lotion to moisturise your skin before you apply perfume. The reason for that is it helps lock the fragrance better. Plus, your skin will feel better, so it’s the best of both worlds.

7.    Apply some Vaseline to pulse points before spraying perfume

Vaseline balm will lock the scent in, and you will notice that the perfume can sometimes last for the entire day. It’s a great idea and a nifty trick, which is exactly why you have to test it out. Not only is it unique and different, but it actually works really well.

8.    Line the wardrobe/drawers with perfume

What this does is it helps you add a subtle scent of perfume to your clothes. If you’re also spraying the same perfume on your skin, that will only add up and expand its longevity during the day.

9.    Keep the perfume in a dark, cold place

If there are humidity or temperature fluctuations, perfume can end up losing its power. That’s why you want to keep it in a drawer, away from any sunlight. That’s what will retain the best qualities, while also making it easy for the perfume to last longer.

10. Avoid mixing fragrances

You should try and stick to a single fragrance if you can. The advantage here is that it will allow your fragrance to shine and last for a lot more time. If you just mix fragrances, then that mixture will end up losing its power.


These tips and ideas can make it easy for you to apply perfume properly and ensure that you have the fragrance smell and power last for a lot more time. It takes a bit of experimentation, but in the end, it will allow you to access much better results than you would normally get from your perfume!

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