Collect Blossom Points with every purchase.

It’s simple and FREE!
Registered customers automatically earn Blossom Points on every purchase.

They soon add up.

Easy calculation: £1 spent = 1 Blossom Point earned.
Blossom Points are credited after order has been paid.

Redeem your Blossom Points.

You can redeem your Blossom Points for money off your next order.
For example: 20 Blossom Points = £1 discount.



A quick summary of the rules for collecting Blossom Points:

To start collecting Blossom Points go to “Rewards” icon (on a computer) or click a gift icon (on mobile) and register for a new account. You will be automatically assigned 20 Blossom Points for the registration. As you shop, you will receive 1 Blossom Point for every £1.00 of your order value (e.g. for an order totalling £14.95 , you will receive 14 Blossom Points). Shipping costs (if applicable) are not counted towards the order value.

Your Blossom Points will be credited to your account once your order has been paid in full. You can view your points in the Rewards App.

Should the value of your order decrease (e.g. returned product, partial refund, etc.), you will only be credited with Blossom Points for the actual amount paid. 

You can also earn extra Blossom Points. Here’s how:

  • New Account Registration = 20 Blossom Points
  • Customer’s Birthday = 50 Blossom Points
  • Instagram Follow = 10 Blossom Points
  • Facebook Like = 10 Blossom Points

If unused, your Blossom Points will expire after 6 months.


Loyalty Programme Terms & Conditions

The Blossom Perfumery Loyalty Programme is our way of thanking you for your loyalty as our customer. The following terms and conditions apply for the general structure and rules of the Blossom Perfumery Loyalty Programme including collecting Blossom Points and redeeming them for discounts.

1. Participation

All customers are qualified to participate.

2. Blossom Points

2.1 General

The calculations for the Blossom Perfumery Loyalty Programme are based on Blossom Points, which are posted to a customer’s Blossom Perfumery account. The Blossom Points can only be used for the purposes described in these terms and conditions. Points from other rewards programmes (ex: from other companies) cannot be converted to Blossom Points. Blossom Perfumery accounts, and credit for Blossom Points are non-transferable and have no cash value. The current balance of a customer’s Blossom Perfumery account is available at the Blossom Perfumery website under "Reward" icon and can be viewed by that customer at any time.

2.2 Earning Blossom Points

The acquisition of Blossom Points takes place automatically with every order starting on July 28, 2021, as soon as the payment for the order is booked in the Blossom Perfumery system. For every fully-paid order at Blossom Perfumery, the customer’s Blossom Perfumery account will be credited with Blossom Points. For every pound of the order value, the customer will receive 1 Blossom Point. For certain special activities, customers can earn additional Blossom Points, in amounts described below:

  • New Account Registration = 20 Blossom Points
  • Customer’s Birthday = 50 Blossom Points
  • Instagram Follow = 10 Blossom Points
  • Facebook Like = 10 Blossom Points

2.3 Exclusion from Blossom Points Credit

A Blossom Point credit cannot be earned for products with a selling price of £0 (ex: trial packages, free gifts), redeemed coupons and other discounts, or rebates or re-deliveries. In other specific cases, a Blossom Point credit may also not be possible. Only a maximum of 5,000 Blossom Points per calendar year can be credited to your account. After reaching this amount, no further Blossom Points will be credited to your account until the next calendar year.

2.4 Blossom Points Credit Procedures

Blossom Points are automatically credited to a customer’s Blossom Perfumery account when the customer’s order has been paid in full, and the payment has been completely booked in Blossom Perfumery’s system. The credit is awarded to the customer account over which the order was placed. If a customer orders via multiple customer accounts, the Blossom Points will be credited to these individual accounts respective to the orders. It is not possible to transfer Blossom Points from one customer account to another.

2.5 Expiration of Blossom Points

If Blossom Points are not redeemed for a Reward within 6 months from the time they were credited to your account, they will expire. The date and amount of the expiration will be clearly indicated in your account and an email reminder will be sent to the customer as well. Blossom Points will also expire if the customer account is blocked on legitimate grounds. Special promotion points may have a shorter expiry date. 

3. Redeeming Blossom Points for discounts

3.1 General

Every participant can redeem his or her Blossom Points for a discount as soon as he or she has earned an adequate credit. 

3.2 Conditions for Redeeming Blossom Points

The discount can only be redeemed via the customer’s personal account at Blossom Perfumery. The amount of the available Blossom Points and discount will be displayed on cart page and checkout page with the possibility to enter the amount of Blossom Points that the customer wishes to redeem. The discount will be applied to all the items in basket.

3.3 Dispatch of Rewards

The cost of shipping for rewards items is based on the current shipping costs at Blossom Perfumery. Please go to „Shipping & Returns” page to learn more about the cost of shipping at Blossom Perfumery. 

4. Miscellaneous

4.1 Programme Termination

Blossom Perfumery reserves the right to end the Loyalty Programme at any time or to replace it with another programme.

4.2 Changes

Blossom Perfumery reserves the right to change or amend the terms and conditions, rewards items, or other written participation conditions and explanations at any time. Changes or amendments of these terms and conditions will be notified via publication on this website.

Data Protection Policy

Blossom Perfumery Loyalty Programme Data Protection

Who is responsible for the processing of your data and who can I contact concerning data protection?

Blossom Perfumery Ltd, 41 Russell Avenue, N226QB London, is responsible for the data protection on this website. You can contact us by email

Which data is processed within the scope of the Blossom Perfumery Loyalty Programme?

We only process your email address, full name, date of birth, and the status of your bonus account (including your order history).

What is my data used for (purpose of processing) and on what basis (legal basis) does this happen?

The data is processed exclusively in the provision of the Blossom Perfumery Loyalty Programme and to provide regular information about the respective account balance. Further processing does not take place. The processing is based on Art. 6 para. 1 lit. b) DS-GVO, as the Loyalty Programme is regarded as a cost-free feature of the contract with Blossom Perfumery.

Will my data be shared?

No, we do not pass the data on to third parties.

Will my data be transmitted to a third country or an international organisation?

No, a transfer to a third country is also excluded.

Does automated decision-making take place or are there any another profile building processes?

No. We do not use such automation. We also do not create any profiles, nor do we link the data with other data.

How long will my data be stored?

We save your data only for the duration of the existence of a customer „My Account” at Should you wish to delete your data in the Blossom Perfumery Loyalty Programme, you can do so at any time by sending us an email to

What rights do I have in regard to Blossom Perfumery AG?

You have the right to request confirmation from Blossom Perfumery at any time as to whether we process personal data concerning you and the right to information about this personal data. Your right to rectification, deletion and restriction of data processing, as well as the right to object at any time to the processing of personal data, or to revoke consent to personal data processing at any time or to demand the transfer of data. All requests for information, revocations or objections to data processing should be directed by email to You also have the right to complain to a regulatory body in case of privacy breaches.

Status of Loyalty Programme Terms and Conditions: 28 July 2021