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Want to try a few scents before buying the whole perfume bottles? With our sample bundle offer, you can choose any 5 ‘inspired by’ fragrances and try them out for a cheaper price! All samples come in 3ml pocket sprays.



Going on a city break and worrying that you will not have enough space for your signature scent? With our refillable 5ml/8ml travel atomisers that you can load with any perfume, you don't have to stress about the airport security liquid limits. It will also perfectly fit inside your bag or pocket if you need an additional top up during the day.


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Affordable Perfumes at Blossom Perfumery

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Best copy perfumes inspired by designer brands

Do you wish you could wear high-end designer fragrances every day without breaking the bank? We've got you! Blossom Perfumery offers strong and long-lasting perfume dupes that smell like designer fragrances. Our scents are all inspired by designer perfumes, with the same top, bottom, and middle notes. We use advanced technology to detect the active ingredients used, allowing us to develop copy perfumes that not only smell nearly identical but also have the same quality as luxury brands. With our inspired-by perfumes, you get
designer fragrances without the high price tag.


Affordable designer inspired perfumes with long-lasting

From Aventus to Sauvage and Black Opium, we have curated a vast collection of designer inspired perfumes that enable you to wear your favourite scent no matter your budget. All our dupe fragrances are Eau De Parfum with 19% perfume oils to keep you smelling fresh for longer. Whether it's for a regular office day, cocktail party, or date night, our designer copy perfumes are strong and will last till the end of the occasion. We also offer the best men's copy fragrances for the man who appreciates chic. Whether you're a man or woman, find your signature fragrance in our copycat perfume collection.


Exude luxury without spending a fortune
Fancy packaging, a famous brand logo, and high-priced marketing, why pay for all of that? At Blossom Perfumery, you pay only for the content - quality designer inspired perfumes. We believe everyone should have access to the best fragrances and the highest-quality designer perfumes. Our copy perfumes grant you access to luxury scents that will turn heads wherever you go.


Get ahead with the latest inspired-by perfumes

Many new scents inspired by top celebrities are launched into the market frequently. At Blossom Perfumery, we are always adding new scents to our inspired-by perfume dupes to help you stay ahead. Discover the best-smelling perfume dupes at Blossom Perfumery.


Get the best replica perfumes now

Explore our full range of inspired by perfume options for every occasion. Cheap designer copy perfumes, fast shipping, and long-lasting smell. Exude class on a budget. Shop the best replica fragrances now!