Why are designer perfumes so expensive?

Nov 04, 2022

Why are designer perfumes so expensive?

Designer perfumes are great and loved by many people around the world. Beautiful fragrance, stylish bottling, and the overall prestige of using a high-end product. It's like owning an iPhone or a Mercedes; you immediately feel high-class wearing a fragrance from the biggest name in the industry.

But come to think of it, there are other lower-priced inspired perfumes and copy fragrances that smell the same as the designer brands, with nearly the same ingredients and quality.

So why are designer perfumes so expensive?

The reason behind the high cost of designer perfumes

The high cost of designer perfumes isn't entirely a reflection of the quality; designer perfumes are expensive because big-name brands spend a fortune on marketing and advertising. So what consumers pay for is virtually 80% marketing and 20% ingredients.

Imagine paying a celebrity £5-15 million to endorse your fragrance. You might not want to price such a product below £100. Of course, you very well know of designer perfumes priced above a thousand pounds.

In essence, big perfume brands sell the name rather than the product.

But what if you aren’t interested in spending more than is necessary but would still like the opportunity to wear a classy fragrance?

Inspired Perfumes: Get designer-smell for less

Thanks to designer-inspired perfumes, you can get quality designer fragrances at a far lower price. Similar ingredients, stylish bottling, same smell; you're just not buying the name or the bottle.

Our inspired perfumes take inspiration from high-end scents like Sauvage, Black Opium, Aventus, Baccarat Rouge 540, and lots more. The best part is you are not buying a copy; an inspired perfume is an original with its unique brand name rather than a copy of another product. Our inspired perfumes allow you to wear designer scents round-the-clock without breaking the bank.

Are perfume dupes good?

Perfume dupes and clones, also known as copy perfumes, are relatively cheaper than high-end brands as they are a copy of the original brand. However, they are an exact copy, which is not exactly ethical.

Inspired perfumes are a better alternative to copy perfumes as there is no attempt to deceptively market the product as the original. Inspired perfumes take inspiration from high-end fragrances but are marketed under a unique brand name. The aim is to give you access to the best fragrances known without breaking the bank.

Pay only for the production cost.

What's more, our inspired perfumes are all Eau De Parfums with 19% of perfume oils, so you can rest assured your scent will last as long as the big-name brands.

Spend on the content rather than the marketing cost

If you're not jacked about spending a fortune on marketing costs rather than the scent itself, inspired perfumes are the perfect go-to! At Blossom Perfumery, there's just so much to choose from!

Find your signature scent among our designer-inspired perfumes and spend less while getting more.

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